About Us

Cabot Design has been finding innovative ways to solve engineering problems from our offices based in the UK and in Australia for 16 years. Whether our clients require engineering assessments, iterative analysis, repetitive modelling or making sense of vast amounts of data, we like to find neat and efficient solutions to problems.

From our initial origins carrying out the stress analysis for large and small scale airframe programmes, we now have a multi-skilled team providing engineering solutions across a wide range of engineering sectors including Design, Analysis, Programming and Testing.

Multi-Skilled Engineers

Cabot Design’s engineers are not labelled as belonging to a single skill set. Our engineers are encouraged to develop a range of skills that leads to innovative and efficient ways of working. This way of working has led to numerous engineering automation platforms, some of which are in use in some of the world’s largest engineering companies. Our latest development is a non-linear finite element automation tool that will create certification standard non-linear finite element models from existing tabulated analysis data.

Case Studies

Take a look at our case studies for examples of what we do and have achieved for our customers.

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