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Automating Engineering Analysis for Over 20 Years

When Cabot Design was established in 2000, we had to work differently to stand out from the crowd. We have been automating analysis and reporting for over 20 years.

Our focus is to improve quality and efficiency on the projects that we work on, adding value wherever we can. This approach has allowed Cabot to thrive where so many others have struggled. Our engineers are taught to look for opportunities to improve existing processes, rather than conforming to the minimum expected standards.

Our customers benefit from higher quality and productivity and our employees are engaged in interesting and challenging projects that develop their skills.



Cabot's RAMSAS Automation is Selected for A350 

Cabot Design's methods and automation are chosen as the primary process for rib strength optimisation in the Airbus A350 wing design.


Airbus Choose RAMSAS for A380 Stress Analysis and Weight Optimisation

Cabot Design's analysis methods and automation are chosen by Airbus to design and optimise A380 wing structure.

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