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Fully Automated Upper Attachments

Using substantiation by test alone can lead to overweight and inefficient designs.

In a recent weight saving project, Cabot Design's engineers reduced the average weight of galley upper attachments by 50% and reduced manufacturing costs. All design changes were qualified by analysis, without the need for further certification testing.

Our latest innovation is a tool to automatically size and model a galley upper attachment from three user defined points and a tie rod load.

The automation will iterate through our validated and approved analysis methods using best practice design criteria to find the most efficient structure for your galley.

“The tool allows an upper attachment to be redesigned and modelled in one day with all necessary structural certification documentation.”

The upper attachment tool will automatically model the structure in CATIA, producing a model that can be directly integrated into your existing CAD.

All supporting analysis and complete certification documentation is produced automatically; we can even generate a supporting FEM at the same time.


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