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Concession Automation Begins

Cabot Design have been awarded funding to develop software to automatically manage and process manufacturing non-conformities.

Cabot Design have worked on concession substantiation for over 20 years, providing stress assessments, design assessments and approval support. In that time we have built up a vast knowledge of the processes used to clear the most common non-conformities..

The concession automation tool combines our experience of concessions with our love of programming.

“A generic and adaptable tool to manage and disposition manufacturing non-conformities.”

The concession tool will apply user defined processes to clear manufacturing non-conformities. The approach is completely generic; users can define their own processes without any programming experience.

All data used to clear the non-conformities is stored in a secure customer specific database that can be interrogated to provide information on concessions, analysis and performance metrics.

This is a really exciting project that we are all looking forward to working on.


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