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Structural Test Lab Onsite

Cabot Design's Wotton-under-Edge offices have a comprehensive test lab for static and fatigue component testing up to 100kN. Our three tensile test machines have been used to certify the strength of aircraft components and to derive B-Basis properties for aerospace materials.

Test Machines Calibrated and Certified

Our test machines are kept calibrated and are certified in accordance with Airbus and EASA's test laboratory requirements.  

Full Test Rig Design and Manufacture Support

Our engineers can offer a complete testing service, including initial strength analysis, test planning, rig design and manufacture and certification standard test results reports.

Cabin Interior Lower Attachment Load Cell

Cabot Design invests in innovation. Our experience working on galleys highlighted a need for accurate measurements at lower attachments during large scale testing. 

With funding from InnovateUK, we have developed our own compact six-axis lower attachment load cell that can accurately measure interface loads at all attachments during testing.

This load cell is the only six-axis load cell that is specifically designed to simulate cabin interior lower attachments.

To deal with the large amounts of data being received from the load cells, a High Speed Data Acquisition System was designed and developed to communicate with up to 16 load cells simultaneously.

High Speed Analog Multi-Channel Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Cabot Design's custom data acquisition unit can sample at a higher rate on more channels than anything in its class.


After the successful development of a digital DAQ for sampling data from our custom Cabin Interior Load Cells, Cabot Design's development team found an opportunity to design and build a universal, high-accuracy and high-speed, self-calibrating multi-channel analogue DAQ that can outperform anything in its class.


The Cabot Design Universal DAQ can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks without special customisation, including:

  - Wheatstone Strain Gauge bridges
       (full, half, quarter)

  - Voltage measurement (-10V to +10V)

  - Resistance thermometers

  - Ohmic resistors

  - Potentiometric transducers

  - TEDS support


The Cabot Design Universal DAQ introduces 1.2kHz Carrier Frequency Excitation Voltage modulation, providing a 90% reduction in noise over the industry standard DC voltage excitation. This improvement in noise control allows far greater cable runs without compromising accuracy.


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