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From initial origins carrying out the stress analysis for large and small scale airframe programmes, Cabot Design now have a multi-skilled team providing engineering solutions across a wide range of engineering sectors including Design, Analysis, Programming and Testing.

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Analysis Automation

We have built a strong reputation for analysis and modelling tools. Cabot Design are always looking for ways to improve the way things are done, and give our clients cost savings whilst achieving better and consistent solutions.

We have developed numerous software applications using industry standard programming languages so solve complex engineering problems.

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Data Management

We specialise in the development of tools and software for data management and analysis. Interfacing and linking with industry standard or proprietary tools, we look for innovative ways to streamline processes and assess of information.

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Analysis & Assessment

Using industry standard tools and assessment techniques, we have a proven track record of the analysis and assessment of structures. Cabot Design’s team combines experience with fresh ideas and novel ways of completing tasks on time and to budget.

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Cabot Design’s in-house, UKAS accredited test lab provides a complete service for mechanical and material testing. We offer a tailored programme in support of design and analysis which can include the design and analysis of test rigs and fixtures, bespoke or standard test procedures.

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Design & Manufacture

Cabot Design’s in house design team are able to offer a range of services, offering an innovative design approach combined with robust engineering practice working in parallel with the stress engineers to deliver a design solution that is optimised for stress, design, and manufacturing in order to reduce lead times and cost.

We have our own manufacturing facilities and links with local machine shops that provides a rapid prototyping of designs.

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World leading engineering consultancy, providing expertise to the most technically demanding and time critical projects.

Whether completing engineering assessments, iterative analysis and modelling, or making sense of vast amounts of data, we like to find neat and efficient solutions to engineering problems. We have built a strong reputation for analysis and modelling tools, and are always looking for ways to improve the way things are done, giving our clients cost savings whilst achieving better, consistent solutions.

Cabot Design’s pre-eminent reputation for quality and efficiency has been earned by meeting the most demanding timescales and exceeding expectations of technical excellence. Our engineers pride themselves in going beyond what is expected to continually improve quality and efficiency. Software tools developed by Cabot Design have been adopted as the industry standard to minimise costs, while ensuring consistent high quality.