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Bespoke Analysis  Automation for Aerospace 

Analysis methods, processes and automation developed by Cabot Design are used to help to demonstrate the strength and safety of all Airbus commercial passenger aircraft in production today.

Our finite element analysis automation can produce a complete certification standard galley model that has been checked and is ready for approval in less than one day.

Accurate and Fast Certification Analysis

Cabot Design’s analysis software has been used to predict the strength of wing structure in all new Airbus commercial aircraft since 2003

Structural Optimisation

Over a 6 month programme, Cabot Design’s engineers optimised galley structure, saving over 100kg from a single aircraft, reducing manufacturing costs and lowering carbon emissions for the life of the aircraft.

Process Definition and Automation

Cabot Design's process definition and associated automation was effectively used on the A350 galley programme, increasing first time acceptance to 100% and reducing effort by over 90%.

Galley Upper Attachment Automation

Cabot Design’s latest galley optimisation software will automatically size and model an upper attachment A-Frame to suit your cabin interior monument.

The software will iterate to select optimum geometry for your interface using our own proven analysis methods and produce a DFM CAD model of the upper attachment A-Frame.


The tool will automatically create a full certification standard substantiation report, allowing our designs to be fitted to your galley without the need for further testing or analysis.

All designs and calculations are fully checked and guaranteed by our senior engineers.

Clear Manufacturing Non-Conformities Automatically

Substantiation of manufacturing non-conformities is often logical and process driven. Let us show you how our latest automation can manage and substantiate manufacturing non-conformities in a fraction of the time of a more conventional approach.

Automated Certification Reporting

Cabot Design has been automating reports for over 20 years. From complete certification stress dossiers collating hundreds of pages of text with tabulated data and diagrams, to simple single page documents.

Our latest report automation can create a complete galley interface loads report in minutes. The software integrates with existing finite element analysis to extract and tabulate deflections and loads data, as well as producing a complete set of stress and deflection plots.

On its debut on the A350 galley programme, the first time acceptance rate for reports produced using our automation was 100%. Effort and production time were reduced by over 90%. 


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